Ways to Pick And Preserve Wood Floor Covering In A Cooking area [Great Tips]

Choosing the best hardwood floor for your kitchen can make all the difference to your quality of life. The kitchen is one area of the house which will receive a lot of foot traffic, from the kids charging down for breakfast, the pacing up and down you do while you wait for the kettle to boil and the pets which hang out in the corner.

The Best Type Of Hardwood For Your Kitchen

When choosing the type of wood you wish to use to floor your kitchen, it is advisable that you choose the hardest wood possible. Ash and oak are typically the strongest species of wood which can be used to make wooden floor panels suitable for a kitchen.

The main advantage of using these types of wood is that they are also very beautiful. The heavy graining found on oak and ash will also help to hide any scuffs and scratches which occur as the floor is used. Alternative species include Santos Mahogany and Jatoba. However, these types of wood can darken over time and are susceptible to changes in humidity.

The Best Type Of Finish For Your Wood Kitchen Flooring

If you choose to install a hardwood floor in your kitchen, you will need to ensure it has been treated with a protective coating. This protective coating will help to protect the wood from stains and moisture.

Although many modern wood finishes are designed for use in any environment, you should look out for a type of finish which is specially designed for use on kitchen floors. This type of finish will be water-based and will create a clear film over the wooden floor, which can be easily reapplied if need be.

You may also wish to use a polyurethane lacquer finish on your kitchen floor. Polyurethane lacquer finishes are extremely durable and strong.

However, if the lacquer becomes damaged, it can be difficult to reapply a fresh coat of finish over the top. This means you will need to sand down and remove the existing finish before reapplying the polyurethane lacquer, which can be time-consuming.

An oil finish is typically cured using a UV light. While this type of finish isn’t as durable as a polyurethane lacquer finish, it does have the added benefit that if it becomes damaged, it is very easy to repair. You simply need to reapply the oil on top of the damaged area. However, you may also need to rent a special UV light so you can properly cure the new finish.

Top Floor Color Choices That Work With Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you have wooden cabinets in your kitchen, this could dictate the colour of the wooden floor that you install. If you have light cabinets, you should opt for a dark wood floor, and if you have dark cabinets, you should opt for a lighter coloured floor.

Following this interior design trick can help to create an interesting contrast in your kitchen. As a flooring specialist for a colour chart or catalogue so you can choose the perfect colour of wood for your kitchen.

Tips To Maintain Your Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen floor is likely to be subject to a large number of spills, stains, dust and debris, so it is important that you know how to maintain the surface.

Clean Up Any Spills As Soon As They Occur

If you spill anything onto your kitchen floor, you should clean it up immediately. Do not hang around. The longer you leave a spillage sitting on the surface of the floor, the greater the chance is that it will do serious damage.

Do Not Use Strong Cleaning Products

You should not use any strong chemicals such as bleach when cleaning your wooden kitchen floor. Doing so could cause serious damage to the wood. You should instead use products which are specially designed for use on wooden floors.

Regularly Sweep And Vacuum The Floor

You should sweep or vacuum your kitchen floor at least once a day to remove any dirt and debris which has accumulated. If you do not do this, the debris may be trodden into the floor surface where it will cause scratches which damage the finish.

Always Have A Damaged Kitchen Floor Refinished

If you notice that the finish on your kitchen floor has sustained any damage, it is very important that you take steps to repair the damage by refinishing that area of the floor. To do this, you will need to sand away the existing finish before reapplying a fresh protective coat.

Advantages Of Installing A Wood Floor In Your Kitchen

Installing a wooden floor in your kitchen has several benefits:

  • A Warm Feel: Wood is a very warm material which can help to make your kitchen feel inviting. Using the same type of wood in the kitchen as in other rooms can help to create a stunning uniform look throughout your home.
  • A Long Lasting Solution: Installing a wooden floor in your kitchen provides you with a long-term flooring solution which is also environmentally friendly.
  • A Comfortable Feel: It is likely that you spend a lot of time on your feet stood in the kitchen while cooking. A wooden floor is a warmer and softer surface when compared to other types of flooring, which means you will be comfortable while you wait for a meal to cook.

Installing real wood flooring in your home can create an eye-catching addition to your kitchen. Choosing the right type of wood flooring provides you will have the chance to get creative as you play around with the various possibilities. If you would like further advice about how to choose the best wood flooring for your kitchen, you should contact a flooring professional today.

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