I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding residential flooring work performed recently by your company. Being a total novice to the hardwood flooring world, I found all of my questions patiently answered, and demonstrations provided to ensure a clear and definite understanding on my behalf I was also impressed with the product knowledge provided, as well as the “added touches” that assisted me in choosing the correct floor type and colouring for the intended location of a large family room.

After visiting with four other hardwood flooring companies, I found your prices to be competitive in all aspects. The deciding factor in- your firms’ favour was the obvious expertise which was so adequately dispensed to me, particularly in providing several ideas, situations and solutions that I had not even thought about. Your suggestions made my floor choice much easier.

From the at-home visit to measure the floor surface, delivery of all required material, through to the installation of the flo9r itself, I was impressed with the evident knowledge, workmanship and politeness of the entire staff.

I feel that I must also comment on the installer, and his lady helper. They were a clean, well matched team, working quickly and efficiently. From the time of their early start to the completed finished product, their work was continuous and productive. After arriving and introducing themselves, I was particularly impressed with the care they demonstrated, not only of the flooring laid down, but of my home in general. During the installation, I was kept advised of exactly what they were doing, and of some small problems encountered with my sub-floor and fireplace, problems which were immediately solved, much to my satisfaction. A very thorough cleanup was completed, prior to their departure. Also, the prompt and proficient removal of my old carpet and left over flooring material early the next morning by another member of your staff is also acknowledged.

In summary, should additional hardwood flooring be considered for any other portion of my residence, I will once again utilize your services. Many thanks for a job very well done.
H.E. Hollingshead
Outstanding residential flooring work performed

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