Ways to Pick And Preserve Wood Floor Covering In A Cooking area [Great Tips]

Choosing the best hardwood floor for your kitchen can make all the difference to your quality of life. The kitchen is one area of the house which will receive a lot of foot traffic, from the kids charging down for breakfast, the pacing up and down you do while you wait for the kettle to boil and the pets which hang out in the corner.

The Best Type Of Hardwood For Your Kitchen

When choosing the type of wood you wish to use to floor your kitchen, it is advisable that you choose the hardest wood possible. Ash and oak are typically the strongest species of wood which can be used to make wooden floor panels suitable for a kitchen.

The main advantage of using these types of wood is that they are also very beautiful. The heavy graining found on oak and ash will also help to hide any scuffs and scratches which occur as the floor is used. Alternative species include Santos Mahogany and Jatoba. However, these types of wood can darken over time and are susceptible to changes in humidity.

The Best Type Of Finish For Your Wood Kitchen Flooring

If you choose to install a hardwood floor in your kitchen, you will need to ensure it has been treated with a protective coating. This protective coating will help to protect the wood from stains and moisture.

Although many modern wood finishes are designed for use in any environment, you should look out for a type of finish which is specially designed for use on kitchen floors. This type of finish will be water-based and will create a clear film over the wooden floor, which can be easily reapplied if need be.

You may also wish to use a polyurethane lacquer finish on your kitchen floor. Polyurethane lacquer finishes are extremely durable and strong.

However, if the lacquer becomes damaged, it can be difficult to reapply a fresh coat of finish over the top. This means you will need to sand down and remove the existing finish before reapplying the polyurethane lacquer, which can be time-consuming.

An oil finish is typically cured using a UV light. While this type of finish isn’t as durable as a polyurethane lacquer finish, it does have the added benefit that if it becomes damaged, it is very easy to repair. You simply need to reapply the oil on top of the damaged area. However, you may also need to rent a special UV light so you can properly cure the new finish.

Top Floor Color Choices That Work With Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you have wooden cabinets in your kitchen, this could dictate the colour of the wooden floor that you install. If you have light cabinets, you should opt for a dark wood floor, and if you have dark cabinets, you should opt for a lighter coloured floor.

Following this interior design trick can help to create an interesting contrast in your kitchen. As a flooring specialist for a colour chart or catalogue so you can choose the perfect colour of wood for your kitchen.

Tips To Maintain Your Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen floor is likely to be subject to a large number of spills, stains, dust and debris, so it is important that you know how to maintain the surface.

Clean Up Any Spills As Soon As They Occur

If you spill anything onto your kitchen floor, you should clean it up immediately. Do not hang around. The longer you leave a spillage sitting on the surface of the floor, the greater the chance is that it will do serious damage.

Do Not Use Strong Cleaning Products

You should not use any strong chemicals such as bleach when cleaning your wooden kitchen floor. Doing so could cause serious damage to the wood. You should instead use products which are specially designed for use on wooden floors.

Regularly Sweep And Vacuum The Floor

You should sweep or vacuum your kitchen floor at least once a day to remove any dirt and debris which has accumulated. If you do not do this, the debris may be trodden into the floor surface where it will cause scratches which damage the finish.

Always Have A Damaged Kitchen Floor Refinished

If you notice that the finish on your kitchen floor has sustained any damage, it is very important that you take steps to repair the damage by refinishing that area of the floor. To do this, you will need to sand away the existing finish before reapplying a fresh protective coat.

Advantages Of Installing A Wood Floor In Your Kitchen

Installing a wooden floor in your kitchen has several benefits:

  • A Warm Feel: Wood is a very warm material which can help to make your kitchen feel inviting. Using the same type of wood in the kitchen as in other rooms can help to create a stunning uniform look throughout your home.
  • A Long Lasting Solution: Installing a wooden floor in your kitchen provides you with a long-term flooring solution which is also environmentally friendly.
  • A Comfortable Feel: It is likely that you spend a lot of time on your feet stood in the kitchen while cooking. A wooden floor is a warmer and softer surface when compared to other types of flooring, which means you will be comfortable while you wait for a meal to cook.

Installing real wood flooring in your home can create an eye-catching addition to your kitchen. Choosing the right type of wood flooring provides you will have the chance to get creative as you play around with the various possibilities. If you would like further advice about how to choose the best wood flooring for your kitchen, you should contact a flooring professional today.

Butcher Block Hardwood Countertops

Recently, we’& rsquo; ve been hectic finishing up information on a lot of boring non-blog worthwhile tasks & hellip; caulking trim, setting up toilets, repairing squeaky floorings. & hellip; prior to we got into all these boring jobs we finished our BEAUTIFUL new butcher block wood countertops!They didn & rsquo; t

begin this’gorgeous. We ordered this piece of Sapele Wood Butcher Block from the Wood Lumber Business. I discovered them through Home Tweaking’& rsquo; s stunning butcher block counters.

For ordering to arrival it was about 4 weeks. They were SO excellent to work with and e-mailed me as it left their factory, and after that e-mailed to make sure it arrived safely. Initially we sealed the bottom with a look. I also liked how it made it look less & ldquo; raw & rdquo;. Fortunately the Hardwood Lumber Business routed it for just a little up charge.I LOVE how it contrasts versus the dark island that we painted. Our wood stools Look pretty fantastic with it.I likewise LIKE the way the wood tones of the counter work with the I simply discuss this GORGEOUS Monroe rug I got on Amazon for under $100??

OK, back to the counters & hellip; since the overhang is more than 10 inches, we needed to add additional support. I just painted these corbels to match the island and nested them in between each panel.Looking straight on

you hardly even see the corbels, and they put on & rsquo; t really take up any leg space either. I like the large overhang because it feels more like consuming at a big table instead of a counter.Because we sealed

the wood with Waterlox we put on & rsquo; t actually have to’fret about water rings or discolorations. We don & rsquo; t use rollercoasters or placemats, but I don & rsquo; t leave glasses’of ice water on it for extended periods of time.I actually can & rsquo; t get over how stunning they are.This cooking area has actually come SUCH a long ways from when we purchased it at auction!.?.!! Anybody remember this cooking area??? I & rsquo;d say we & rsquo; ve made a HUGE enhancement! * After deciding to purchase these counter tops I contacted the Wood Lumber Company and exchanged a post for a discount. I would have bought them anyways, however this was an opportunity to conserve a little money and share about a product that we love.Never Miss Another Post!



Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood • Builders Surplus

Working in a remodeling and building materials company, i’ve learned that most people don’t understand the differences of solid hardwood vs. engineered hardwood.

And why would they? No one is really educating them about these differences before they go looking for a new floor, they somehow just expect you to know and make the right decision.

But I’m here to make sure you’re decision is an INFORMED one. Flooring is a big expense, and you want to choose something that you’ll love for the next few decades. Lets’s get ready to compare all of the top questions I hear about solid hardwood vs. engineered hardwood!

Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood on Composition.

Solid Hardwood:

Solid hardwood flooring is constructed with 100% hardwood and each plank is a single solid piece. Solid hardwood is traditionally 3/4″ thick, except for parquet-style floors which are thinner.

Engineered Hardwood:

Unlike solid wood floors that are milled from one solid (surprise!) piece of lumber, engineered hardwood floors are composed of multiple plies of wood with a solid wood veneer. Underneath the veneer, cross layers of plywood are pressed together to a strong and moisture-resistant core. These board typically vary between 3/4” to1/2”, with 3/4″ starting to emerge more frequently.

You’re still getting real hardwood floors; they’re just made differently. The layers typically include a top veneer of hardwood backed by less expensive layers of plywood—although some manufacturers use substrates made from recycled wood fibers mixed with stone dust for improved durability and stability.

Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood on Installation

Solid Hardwood:

Solid hardwood used a nail down or staple down installation technique. It can’t typically be installed directly over concrete or radiant heating systems. It’s typically best to install solid hardwood on the first and second floors of your home as opposed to in the basement.  Solid hardwood is never installed on a floating basis.

Engineered Hardwood:

Engineered hardwood flooring has multiple installation options: staple, glue or floating, such as click and lock, on some products. It can be used in basements on concrete, or on radiant heating systems.

Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood on Style

Solid Hardwood:

Solid hardware comes in and pre-finished options, and also has a ton of wood species types to choose from! Long and wide planks are also an option.

Engineered Hardwood:

There are fewer wood species choices than with solid hardwood. Some of the most popular are Red oak, hickory, and Brazilian Cherry. Its very uncommon to find unfinished engineered hardwood, as most is pre-finished.

Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood on Maintenance & Durability

Solid Hardwood:

Solid hardwood is known for its endurance. Because it is solid through and through, it can be sanded and refinished multiple times during a lifetime. And solid construction holds up well over time. Solid hardwood durability mostly comes down to the wood species and wear-resistance of its protective finish. Harder woods such as Hickory and Oak are more dent resistant, and those with more resilient finishes will perform best against scratches. Well-maintained solid hardwood will last for decades.  Moisture is the enemy of this organic product.

Engineered Hardwood:

The durability of solid hardwood vs engineered hardwood is close, but not identical. Engineered wood can be sanded and refinished several times throughout the life of the floor, sometimes up to 5. If your durability concerns are around moisture, humidity or temperature, engineered is the way to go. Its layered construction provides stability against environmental changes. Because the surface is thin, it can become chipped or de-laminated if stressed beyond normal conditions.  Yet its ability to hold up to limited moisture helps bring up its durability rating.

Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood on Price & Resell Value

Solid Hardwood:

Solid is the gold standard in flooring, and it’s usually the most price-premium board for board. There are, of course, many variables: solid hardwood collections can vary in price depending on the warranty, protective finish and how many finishing processes have been used to achieve a particular look.

As long as the floor is in good shape, it is on equal terms regarding resell value as engineered wood flooring.

Engineered Hardwood:

As a whole, engineered hardwood tends to be less expensive than solid hardwood, with the exception of premium collections that have a thicker hardwood top layer, uniquely artistic designs and enhanced durability. High-performance engineered products are also more on par with solid pricing.

Engineered hardwood has a GREAT resell value. Because engineered wood floors are real wood, they can be advertised as such in real estate, making them more attractive to buyers.


Overall, in the battle of solid hardwood vs. engineered hardwood, they are pretty neck and neck. It comes down to location of installation, and personal preference for the most part. Whether you’re going with solid hardwood or engineered, you’re going to be thrilled with the outcome!

Builders Surplus is a full service renovation company with locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Newport, Kentucky, which also serves Cincinnati, Ohio. We carry a large selection of solid hardwood and unfinished hardwood flooring, as well as laminate, Luxury Vinyl Tile waterproof flooring, and carpet. We write about interior design, home decor, decorating ideas, and home improvement. We hope you’ll check back in for our next article! Happy Renovation!

Written By: Allie Bloyd



Nike LeBron 15 “Hardwood Classic” Detailed Look

In-depth Take A Look At The Nike LeBron 15 “Wood Classic”

Just a couple of days back, we brought you a very first appearance a the upcoming LeBron 15″ Wood Classic”colorway. Recycling one of the most popular color mixes in the remarkable history of the King’s signature line, the Swoosh utilizes mostly blue with hits of orange combined in, similar to the “Alternate” colorway of the LeBron 7. While many 15s have kept the Nike branding to a minimum, this selection chooses to embroider “NIKE” across the median side of the tennis shoe in an appropriate orange color. A speckled grey midsole round off this appearance as it sits atop a visible air unit that when again furthers the HWC aesthetic with the use of the retro Cavs’ orange. Currently, this nostalgic LeBron offering is scheduled to get to Nike Basketball retailers on February 9th, but that is subject to change.Nike LeBron 15″Hardwood Classic”Release Date: February 9, 2018$185 Photos:

Tidying Up Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Up Hardwood Floors

Obtaining a hardwood floor in New Paltz is among the very best things one can do for their house. Undoubtedly, it could change the area, making it look far more elegant and stylish. After this is done, there are steps one should take to keep those floors, in order to have them looking like new for as lengthy as possible.

After getting wood floors from New Paltz, it is a great idea to vacuum them weekly. This is possibly something many people already do often, however it is very important to know why it is so crucial not simply for the cleanliness of an apartment, but also for the method it looks, too. Great particles, such as sand will certainly have the same result underfoot as sandpaper, wearing the coating of one’s floors. Vacuuming makes certain that this fine grit is gotten rid of, keeping the coating risk-free. For those who don’t seem like vacuuming, however would certainly still prefer to maintain their floors satisfied, can go with a dust wipe.

No Hairspray or Furniture Gloss
Both of these could impact the coating of one’s floors. In situation they do enter into contact with them, one must ensure to cleanse it up instantly, ideally making use of a window cleaner that does not include ammonia.

No Rainfall
Not just can drizzle job to destroy the surface of the wood floorings, however it could additionally make its way into the timber’s framework, staining it. If it is raining, one must close their windows. If they have plants hing on the floorings, they must have trays underneath, to trap excess water. If one notifications water on the ground, they need to clean it up instantly.

Wax or No Wax?
It is necessary to know what kind of surface one’s wood flooring in New Paltz has. If it is wax, after that it could be rejuvenated with more wax. For coatings like polyurethane, shellac or varnish, using wax is not a good idea. Not only would it turn the floor into an incredibly slippery one. Plus, wax can also mess up the surface beneath it. If one doesn’t understand for certain exactly what kind of surface their floor has, it is a good idea to utilize a flooring here conservator that’s basic objective. Before using it to the entire floor, they ought to evaluate it on an inconspicuous area to see how it engages with it.

Preserving hardwood floors can be difficult, yet it does not need to be, as long as one understands just ways to do it. With a little research study, the whole process could be considerably simplified.

Learn more about Laminate floors in Kingston today.



Cutting hardwood floor versus a wall

I have a 3/4″ thick maple hardwood floor that abuts my living room, which is carpeted. The ends of the hardwood were left ragged and the transition between the hardwood and carpet is covered with a metal strip. I’m going to install hardwood in the living room and, in order to create a straight edge on the currently installed hardwood, I need to cut across twelve 3″ planks. The problem is that the end planks are up against a wall and I can’t figure out a method to use to get a nice even cut right up to the walls. The cut will be in a very visible area so it has to be clean.
I can use my circular saw for the middle, but it leaves one plank uncut when the base hits the wall.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Mike Shapp
newsgroups.comcast.net wrote:

There’s no magic way to do it. You’ll use a straightedge held to the floor with doublestick tape or weighted down to guide the saw as far as it will go. If you have a Dremel or Rotozip that will help you get further along the line. Then score the remaining cut line using the straightedge with a sharp razor knife several times to cut the top fibers of wood. Then use a very sharp chisel to cut out the rest. Make relief cuts on the offcut side of the flooring – don’t just keep banging straight down or you’ll have problems. For every chop or two down, make an angled cut coming in from the side to meet the bottom of the cut line. This will give the chisel bevel room – otherwise it tends to wedge itself into the cut line and crush the wood fibers of the wood you want to be crisply cut.

A reciprocating saw (Sawzall) will probably help with the final bit of cut that the circular saw can’t reach. Just use a sharp, fine-toothed blade to avoid tearing the wood.

louie wrote:

I agree with Louie, a reciprocating saw is what you need. They make all types of blades for it and various lengths too. I also own a dremel tool but I can’t see how this job would be done with that. You might want to look at all the types of transition strips available at your hardware store as they might make one to cover up your entire job where you won’t have to make these cuts at all.

I just did some work like that and it was a bear. I used a rotary tool with a wood cutting bit, and worked it in at an angle. With molding to cover the mess it was okay.
There is a new jigsaw out that does flush cuts (Dewalt?, Bosch?) A little pricey if you don’t happen to need a jigsaw though.

On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 01:11:17 -0500, “newsgroups.comcast.net”

Do that, and then cut the last board the slow, painful way, with a backsaw or offset saw

“You might want to look at all the types of transition strips available at your hardware store as they might make one to cover up your entire job where you won’t have to make these cuts at all. ”
That is exactly what I was thinking. A transition strip or mouldings (if it’s against a wall) should cover every situation, I would think???



The Best Ways To Mop Wood Floors

Hardwood floors can raise the look of your home if effectively cleaned up and polished. Nevertheless, keeping the floor can be stressful if it’s not cleaned in the ideal way. Throughout cleansing, it is essential to focus on the little locations that can make a distinction in the appearance of your floor.Improper maintenance can result in build-up of dust, leaving it with a bad, dull appearance. Cleaning hardwood floorings in the very best method possible starts with routine, deep cleaning of your flooring. Deep tidy your hardwood floor and take preventive measures to safeguard your floor covering while making it look its best.Weekly cleansing can help avoid build-up of oil and dust.

Tidy your wood flooring in spring or prior to the beginning of winter. Use wood flooring mop and advised cleaning items for perfect outcomes. If not correctly looked after, hardwood floors can become unsightly due to collected dirt.A vacuum, dry mop, water, soap and dry cloth are exactly what you need to keep your hardwood flooring

tidy. The following steps need to help you to effectively clean your wood flooring:4 Actions to Cleaning Your Wood Floor Get rid of Clutter from Your Floor Remove clutter on your flooring so

you can offer it a comprehensive clean-up. Remove exactly what’s not implied to be on your flooring. If possible, move the furniture or

take them to another room. Use furnishings pads to alleviate moving your furniture from one place or space to another without harming your flooring. Constantly avoid your hardwood floor from being scuffed to keep it looking its best.Vacuum Clean the Flooring Use a vacuum or dry mop to eliminate debris and dirt on the floor. It would guarantee your floor is easy to clean up without leaving behind particles that may be challenging to remove afterwards.Mop the Hardwood Floor along the Wood Grains If your floor covering is completed with polyurethane, dump your mop with soapy water. Ring it to remove the water before utilizing it on your flooring. Mop in a forth and back manner along the wood grains on your flooring.Never usage

  1. water on lacquered and shellacked floors to avoid them from

staining from the water used. The marketplace has plenty of safe products you can purchase to assist clean your wood floors.Use a Clean Fabric to Wipe the Floor Use a soft, dry fabric to get rid of residues left on your wood flooring, be it dirt, water or soap. Carefully rub the cloth on the flooring in a circular motion for a sparkling appearance. A cleaner particularly for cleaning up wood floorings is suggested to get the very best outcomes.

  1. A fabric diaper can be used in place of a fabric cleaner to soak up and trap residues.Remove scuffs on your wood floor by applying baking soda using a dump. Rub the cloth gently on the flooring to decrease the marks. Use another clean fabric to rinse the floor afterwards. If your floor is broken, find a professional wood floor covering business to refinish it or totally replace it.Tips to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wood Floor Covering Avoid walking on your hardwood floor with filthy shoes or feet. You can’t do that and still expect your floor to look shimmering clean at the end of the day. Dirt has the tendency to leave abrasive sand particles behind. The particles can easily damage your floor. The dirt can quickly scuff the surface of your flooring.Remove dirt particles using a vacuum cleaner or a dry dust mop

    prior to starting to mop the flooring. Mopping the floor prior to removing dirt particles can result in rubbing of the particles versus the flooring. Add vinegar to your cleaning water to get rid of and avoid build-up of oil, dirt and hair on the floor.Use just a clean and soft fabric or mop to dry and polish the flooring. Soak a tidy cloth in water boiled with tea bags for a few hours or over night. Wring the cloth well and use it to wipe the cleaned up flooring to offer it a glossy look. Tea consists of tannic acid that can provide your wood floor a shiny look.If you observe scratches on your flooring, use a crayon of the exact same color as your flooring to mask it. Rub it on the scratched part of the floor and pass a hot blow-drier over the location. Utilize a soft cloth to buff the place. Routinely vacuum clean your flooring and eliminate spots right away they are spilled.Take care while cleaning your floor and just use recommended cleansing products and tools to avoid causing damages on the surface of your floor covering.