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Lull Forklift Rental Near Me

Allied Hardwood Flooring Ottawa brings you beautiful hardwood flooring in a wide selection of colors and species.


Unfinished $3.89 sq/ft
Regular Price $4.45 sq/ft


Unfinished $1.99 sq/ft
5 Colours to choose from
Regular Price $2.99 sq/ft


Unfinished $2.99 sq/ft
Regular Price $6.30 sq/ft


Available in Oak, Maple, Birch.


Available in Oak, Maple, Birch.

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As Ottawa’s Hardwood Experts, we only source hardwood from exceptional Canadian mills.

Each of our manufacturers meets our high standards, in terms of the quality of their materials as well as their sound environmental practices.

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Lull Forklift Rental Near Me

Forklift trucks are ideal vehicles for transporting and stacking goods generally mounted on pallets or pallets with comfort and safety, which explains why having a lull forklift rental near me is such an amazing circumstance.

Renting a lull forklift in Illinois has never been easier, as thanks to Hi Reach and its great relationship with some of the country’s greatest construction equipment suppliers, we now offer an amazing variety of products. 

Let’s revise how having a telescopic forklift rental nearby is such great news while understanding the importance of the machinery for our construction projects

Lull telehandlers lifts for rent 

Telescopic handlers are lifting machines also known as telehandlers. Similar to the articulated booms but with the particularity that they have only one arm, they are ideal for work in specific areas and/or difficult to access. They have a telescopic arm that allows reaching heights from 16 to 57 meters.

The telescopic lift is a very versatile machine that, in the construction industry, can replace forklifts, aerial platforms (MEWPs), and cranes.

Compared to forklifts, the telescopic forklift, thanks to its boom, can reach higher and farther, offers greater visibility, due to the lateral location of the boom, and allows access also to rough terrain.

If equipped with a personnel basket, a telescopic lift can easily be used as an aerial platform; in this case, it ensures greater stability, load capacity and dimensions of the working platform, which can reach up to 6 m. 

If equipped with a lifting hook or winch, it can replace a crane in many situations. In addition, equipped with a grab, it is suitable for handling inert materials on the ground.

Therefore, a telescopic lift is a machine suitable for multiple jobs, robust and easy to maneuver, even in narrow spaces thanks to the 2 steering axes.

The telescopic lift for construction is a machine used to move, transport and lift both loads and people. The lift can be fixed or rotating depending on whether or not it has a rotating platform or tower.

Are you understanding now how great it is for your project to have telehandler options for rent near your construction site? Most probably. But let’s check our alternatives!

Addressing alternatives

However, they are not the only vehicles for this type of work, as there are other options that are also designed exclusively for moving heavy goods in warehouses. 

We refer, for example, to tow tractors. These are particularly suitable for providing greater efficiency and safety in horizontal transport and order picking for palletized and non-palletized loads. 

On the other hand, the performance and characteristics of towing tractors make them particularly practical vehicles for transporting and stacking goods in railway stations, airports, ports, production lines…

As we can see, when it comes to choosing forklifts for the management of our company’s goods, not only the budget factor comes into play, but we also have to take into account the type of load we are going to handle.

In any case, Hi Reach has it all for your project. Contact our team and get a specialized budget that suits your needs and circumstances in no time! 

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Lull Forklift Rental Near Me

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